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Repto A/S: Experts in construction site management

Repto A/S's journey started in 2016 with a budding business in electrical installations and assembly for private customers. Through continuous engagement, our company has expanded its focus and today specializes in construction site management, which now forms the core of our business.

In 2022, we took a significant step forward by launching our sister company, Repto Service, which handles the HVAC aspect of our comprehensive site operations. In a short time, we've strengthened our team with a number of experienced professionals, including crane operators, machine operators, electricians, plumbers and dedicated laborers. Together, they form a solid base of professional knowledge and commitment that is essential to maintaining our commitment: that Repto A/S should be the preferred choice for customers who value high quality, reliability, transparency in processes and integrity in all aspects of work.

Exceptional service at Repto A/S

At Repto A/S, we exceed standards by offering in-depth and detailed reports and precise insight into each project. Our customers benefit from efficient operations and accurate documentation that gives them a decisive advantage. This ensures that our customers are always fully informed and able to make informed decisions based on accurate data and insights.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive reports on the breakdown of workgroups
  • Detailed hourly reports down to daily and individual employee level
  • Trend reports
  • KPI-reports
  • Employee departure reports
  • Skill reports
  • Feedback and status reports

Safety standards at Repto A/S

At Repto A/S, safety is not just a priority, but a fundamental principle in everything we do. We are committed to training our workforce to adhere to strict safety protocols.

  • Our team is constantly updated with the latest regulations and standards, ensuring a robust and safe working environment on all our projects.


  • We are dedicated to ensuring that all safety measures are strictly adhered to, enabling our customers to meet all regulatory requirements for checks and inspections with ease.


  • With our extensive experience in the construction industry, including specialized projects such as power plants and infrastructure, we guarantee not only compliance with safety standards, but also a commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety in all aspects of our work.

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