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Pharma Hillerød

At Denmark's complex construction sites, we deliver international expertise, safety, and quality in Pharma projects with dedicated supervisors and certified personnel.

Nordhavn Tunnel

Proud construction power suppliers for the Nordhavnstunnellen project. Our adaptable approach and focus on precision underlines our crucial role in Denmark's significant infrastructure projects.

Novo Nordisk Måløv

Another Pharma project where we help establish the safety measures that enable the construction site to maintain its safety level. Our role here is primarily to provide the necessary sheds, construction fencing and other tools related to running an efficient construction site.

Pharma Hillerød

We are proud to participate in one of Denmark's most extensive and complex construction projects, leveraging international expertise and deep knowledge of construction practices. This project encompasses four separate initiatives involving over 1800 employees, necessitating efficient logistics and optimal utilization of our workforce's skills

We continuously update and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to meet the evolving needs of the construction site. We view the construction site as a dynamic entity that requires constant attention, care, and preventive measures. Our clients maintain high standards for cleanliness and safety, which are crucial considerations, particularly when working on a pharmaceutical project

Even with hundreds of employees close together on site, we perform regular vacuuming and floor washing several times a day to maintain a dust-free environment. Our main goal is to ensure the client receives a finished product that meets their expectations through careful planning and execution.


  • The entire building should be as clean as possible throughout the construction period 
  • Temporary electrical installations need to be future-proofed and you need to be prepared for a power outage and still be able to evacuate the building in case of an accident.  
  • Plan when the cranes can perform the various lifts required on an ongoing basis 
  • Our operators must be adaptable and be able to establish a new walkway if the area needs to be used for something else. 

Ideal Construction Site Management

In a professional context, it is crucial that the entire construction site maintains a high level of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the construction period. In addition, it is necessary to have temporary electrical installations that are future-proofed and prepared for possible power outages, while ensuring evacuation of the building in the event of an accident.

It's important to have careful planning for the crane lifts, including determining the timing of the different lifts, as this is a continuous process that requires careful coordination.

Our operators need to be highly flexible and able to adapt to changes in site requirements. This includes the ability to create new walkways if the area needs to be used for other purposes during the construction process. This requires a high level of professional competence and flexibility from our employees to ensure the successful completion of the construction project.

Safety first: HSE Supervisors and our collective responsibility

Our supervisors are crucial links to our customers. They facilitate communication and participate in planning and update meetings. We have at least one supervisor in each discipline, ensuring quality control and reporting with image documentation.

In addition, our HSE supervisors work closely with the customer's HSE managers to ensure site safety (Safety First). Safety is a collective commitment in which all employees participate (If You See It, You Own It). We also handle the necessary preparatory activities in collaboration with our HSE Supervisors and Crew-leads.


  • STA 
  • Work-permits  
  • JSA 
  • T-JSA 
  • RAMS  

Many certificates are required on international construction sites and we have them! 


  • First aid course (12 hours) 
  • Fire extinguishing course 
  • IPAF (aerial lift license) 
  • Forklift license  
  • crane certificates 
  • Telehandler certificate 
  • Education certificates 
  • Rigger certificate 
  • Working at height 
  • Working in confined spaces 
  • Handling chemicals 
  • Cleanroom course 
  • Permit to work training  
  • Sta- training  
  • Supervisor training  
  • Superintendent training  

Nordhavnstunellen - A milestone project in construction power solutions

We are proud to have taken on the responsibility of providing all construction power solutions for the ambitious Nordhavn Tunnel project. This significant project spans a period of 4.5 years and represents a value of more than DKK 2.5 billion, making it one of Denmark's most significant infrastructure projects. The project, which has been initiated by the Danish Road Directorate and awarded to the joint venture partnership MTH-Besix S.A., underlines our central role as construction power suppliers and electrical consultants. We are determined to actively contribute to the success of the project and maintain our high standards of professional service.

Strategic innovation and precision

This project stands out on several fronts, as it involves a continuous evolution of the entire site over time. Due to the complexity of the project and the many dynamic elements that need to be taken into account, both planning and execution differ from usual practice. Our approach to the project is continuously adapted and developed in accordance with its requirements and evolution.

We are also aware of the special challenges associated with the Nordhavn Tunnel project. It requires a delicate balance between noise, traffic and water traffic considerations. Our team works closely with the leading players in the project to ensure that electrical solutions are implemented with the highest precision and accuracy to minimize disruption to the surroundings.

Lighting, safety and expertise: Our crucial role in the Nordhavn Tunnel project

Lighting and safety are also crucial elements in this project, where work is carried out in changing conditions and around the clock. We are committed to maintaining sufficient lighting to ensure that work areas are optimally lit and safe for our staff and other parties involved. Safety is our top priority and we have implemented comprehensive measures to ensure that everyone works in accordance with the highest safety standards.

The Nordhavn Tunnel represents a project of national importance with significant impact on Denmark's infrastructure and mobility. Our dedication to reliable construction power and expertise as electrical consultants is essential to ensure the project reaches its milestones and meets the highest quality standards.

We are honored to be an integral part of the Nordhavn Tunnel project and look forward to contributing to its success through our advanced construction power solutions and extensive expertise in electrical systems. This project serves as an excellent example of our commitment to providing first-class electrical solutions for complex infrastructure projects, not only in Denmark but also internationally.


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