Security with repto

Work and Safety

Safety is our priority. Our workforce is trained to adhere to strict safety protocols.


A safe working environment created by professional expertise

At Repto A/S, we are committed to promoting a safe working environment by strictly adhering to regulations and standards. With our extensive experience in a wide range of sectors, including pharma, power plants and infrastructure, we have developed in-depth expertise in conducting statutory checks and inspections. Our primary goal is to reduce risks and ensure your business meets all the necessary requirements to create a working environment that is both safe and compliant with current legislation.
A safe workplace is a secure workplace

Safety creates security, and a safe workplace is essential for wellbeing, productivity and success in the workplace.

Expertise built through years of experience

At Repto A/S, our in-depth experience is essential to our expertise in the construction industry. Over the years, we have accumulated valuable knowledge and skills by working on a variety of complex construction projects in different sectors, including:

  • Energy infrastructure, such as power plants
  • Specialized cleaning for large burner silos
  • Handling strict occupational health and safety requirements
  • Efficient cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Big Pharma
  • Cleanroom access
  • Compliance with strict HSE regulations in the work environment
  • Strict HSE working environment
  • Navigating projects with tight deadlines
  • Large-scale construction sites with many stakeholders
  • Executing public infrastructure projects
  • Carrying out work in high-traffic areas, including evening and night work
  • Working in tunnels
  • Public bureaucracy


Our customers are among the leaders in Denmark and Europe, and they expect consistently high standards in documentation, quality, efficiency and meeting deadlines. We strive to not only meet these requirements, but also to exceed our customers' expectations by constantly improving our services.

Repto A/S ensures a safe working environment

At Repto A/S, we prioritize safety. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and secure working environment for everyone. We guarantee that all necessary measures are in place to ensure the well-being of both employees and customers.


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