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Repto is your reliable partner for construction projects. We ensure top-class site management and high-quality work, allowing you to focus on your core tasks

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Construction site management

Professional and high-quality site operations management.

Construction site safety management

Professional and certified safety management.

Construction power

We power your construction site, no matter the size.

Who we are

Skilled labor goes hand in hand with success

With extensive insight into the nuances of the construction sector, our company is dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry developments. We emphasize quality and precision in our work, and our core commitment is to deliver superior service to our clients. 

Our approach is characterized by flexibility and adaptability, which enables us to offer custom solutions that precisely match the requirements of your construction project. We provide a team of experienced professionals geared to handle projects of any size. We work with major infrastructure developments as well as the largest construction sites in Pharma and Power. We strive to integrate our services seamlessly with your operations to ensure efficient project execution. Our team members are continuously educated and trained in relevant skills.

Value for your investment

We deliver value-added results while keeping you on budget.

One supplier, full collaboration

By choosing Repto, you ensure high quality and exceptional collaboration.

Competitive pricing

We ensure competitive pricing without compromising on our high quality standards.

Tailored to your project

We offer an experienced and competent team to meet your project needs.


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Safety is at the core of our operating principles

In the realization of construction projects, we recognize that safety measures and compliance are not just procedures, but fundamental building blocks. Our team offers recognized expertise and extensive experience, hardened in some of the construction industry's most advanced and challenging projects. We encourage you to take advantage of our specialized knowledge to raise the bar in future projects. 

Creating a safe working environment

We are committed to rigorously upholding industry safety standards and regulations, ensuring a protected working environment.

Guaranteeing compliance

With Repto as your partner, you can be guaranteed complete compliance. We manage the statutory audits and inspections with impeccable precision, ensuring peace of mind and HSE reporting.

Expertise enriched through large-scale project work

Our robust experience, especially in pharma, energy production and infrastructure projects, has established us as a reliable and competent player in the construction industry.

Why choose us as your partner?

Through our dedication, reliability and full transparency, we have earned a solid reputation based on trust. Our impressive track record and unwavering commitment to quality make us the optimal choice for your project.

Extensive experience with temporary power solutions

With our extensive experience, we are experts in delivering and maintaining temporary power solutions.

We keep you up to date

Our documentation is of the highest quality. We deliver essential information about power solutions digitally, so you're always informed.

24-hour emergency hotline

We are ready to help you around the clock and offer an emergency hotline.

Optimized lighting

We ensure that lighting is powered via separate power supplies, guaranteeing independent operation of consumption and lighting.

Individual pricing solutions

Every project is unique. That's why we always offer customized quotes rather than standard prices.


Start a dialog with our experts

We encourage you to contact us for an in-depth dialog about your project-specific needs and opportunities. Discover how Repto can contribute with tailored solutions.

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Alone we can do little, together we can do a lot.

Are you ready to take your next construction project to the next level? With years of experience, we guarantee that your project is in good hands.

Meet the team behind Repto

Our team is the foundation of everything we do. Get to know our dedicated team that works daily to make Repto the best supplier in the industry. We combine expertise, experience and commitment to ensure our solutions always meet your expectations.
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